Raha Ngong’ Road Escort & Call Girl

I’m the sexiest. I have my flaws. I do my best to get by… No one is perfect. I am REAL though. I love this job. This is FUN. I’m a SEXY ADULT MODEL. Your WORDS can turn me on or off. You decide which one will work better. If you can’t tip, Just be cool! Chat and keep the room lively. With me, kind, positive energy is how to move me. You will never get what you want from me by being weird, rude or vulgar. KINDNESS is a currency. Be Kind to me and I will be kind to you

I’ll try to tell you a few things about me. I am an open and very talkative person, I like challenges and love people, even though they are the most dangerous species on earth.


I have been a Nairobi Toxic model for 7 months and all this time I have learned many things. Here I have matured and still continue to mature. ❤ Although I am 25years old but sometimes I can be childish. Here I met wonderful people and their opposite. I am thanksfull to all!


Some people say I have a good soul, others say I’m bad. My point is that you first have to discover me and really see who I am and how I am. I hate fake and false people, but also people who judge without knowing the person concerned ❤


Now let’s talk about my sessions. I want to tell you that what I’m doing here will make me feel good too, I like to dance, talk and i like a lot games. I like more sexy session than vulgar although I can be a bish(depends on what mood u get me).If you asked about a session and said NO, then it will stay NO!….




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